Twists, Turns And Paradises Found In Indonesia

Many things went wrong on the last part of my trip, in Indonesia. Many things also went right and now when I think of Indonesia I see it as a very appropriate ending for my trip, and it somehow tied the journey together.

Unexpected Adventures In Malaysia

Malaysia was a funny thing. It was in my itinerary as just a short layover in Kuala Lumpur, between Thailand and Singapore but things happened. Around New Year’s, southern Thailand and its islands where I was supposed to go diving, was flooding. So it became clear pretty quickly that I couldn’t go there but since…

Uncovering Vietnam

Vietnam was the country that offered me probably the craziest two weeks of my entire trip, the good and the bad and the beautiful and the ugly. It’s not the easiest country to write about and I could just put some photographs here but no, Vietnam’s worth more.

A Little Treasure Called Laos

Probably the most common question I got after my trip was ”well what was your favorite place?” And answering that is just as impossible as it sounds. Instead I replied that the place I would first go again to would be Laos. Because I felt I saw a tiny glimpse of something absolutely amazing and largely…

I’m Going On An Adventure!

Soo here we go. Ahh it’s been a long long time coming. Years in my dreams, months in the planning, weeks preparing and now one day away. As long as I can remember, I’ve had a thought that then when I’m done with school, I’ll just leave for a while, all by myself. Where? Asia….