Shots Of San Francisco


There are many ways to describe this amazing city but for me it was one long time dream come true. Ever since when I first saw pictures of the Golden Gate and shimmering sea yeeears and years ago I remember thinking that I just have to see that some day. And when lots of people when talking about California say they want to see LA and Hollywood and all that jazz, I was never truly interested. I somehow knew I’d like San Francisco, that it would be my kind of place. And it was.

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How It Feels To Be Free


Guess where I’m sitting right now? Well you won’t. At my maybe favorite cafe in Helsinki (Carusel), sipping on my chai latte (made to oat milk, THE best!) And it feels really really strange. You know why? Because for the past 12 years in this moment I’ve been sitting in school, in lessons, living my ordinary life whose rhythm has been conducted by well, Finnish government. And now I’m not. Did I say it feels strange?

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The Miraculous Significance of Hair


It’s like a book title or something. I think the amount of feelings and thoughts that can be related to one’s hair is something that especially women may understand. For many women hair is something almost holy, something that reflects what’s going on in their lives and how they like to express themselves. Even Coco Chanel said it: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Or if not a whole life, something at least. But if you think that hair is just hair and not a big deal then you might not want to read any further. Just saying 😉

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Let the light walk in


It always comes unnoticed until one day you see something. A flower you thought was dead but still rises from the cold ground towards the sun. Kind of admirable, I guess. I wake up early and wonder why and then it hits me that it’s actually quite light now, the sun woke me up. I can hear birds’ voices in my room, they come through our walls. For me who lives in the northern part of this planet, spring is my favorite surprise gift that comes every year.

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Catching dreams and letting go

Goals. Dreams. Aspirations. We all have them, or do we? At least we are expected to. Especially young people are so often asked about their future and their plans for it. Sometimes it feels like we’re supposed to have this big book already written and ready to carry out and those of us who don’t have it that big are maybe considered a bit lazy or just lost. Sometimes how determined you are seems to be like a measurement of a good person. It’s silly, when you think of it.

Not all who wander are lost. - J.R.R. Tolkien -
Not all who wander are lost. – J.R.R. Tolkien –

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Live and love a little


I have feet, feet that work. Feet that make me walk through every day and that let me run free, run as hard as I can with music playing in my ears and wind drying the sweat to my face. My feet have walked in gold beaches and in different seas and on the streets of great cities and felt the just cut grass in our garden. Today they allowed me to do yoga and to go for a walk to the freezing spring weather. And I have hands too and I can cook, and write stories and wipe my tears away with them. And they allow me to hug and to hold on to things and people so that they stay in my life and make it brighter.

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First, thank you so much you gorgeous person somewhere there behind some screen, who decided to sacrifice a few minutes of your day and to take a look at this new little thing of mine that I’ve been working on for a while. I’m so happy that you did and I hope you’ll return here soon when I’m actually going to start posting some actual things 🙂 Not that this first one wouldn’t be great though 😉


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