I’m Going On An Adventure!


Soo here we go. Ahh it’s been a long long time coming. Years in my dreams, months in the planning, weeks preparing and now one day away. As long as I can remember, I’ve had a thought that then when I’m done with school, I’ll just leave for a while, all by myself. Where? Asia. Two reasons, besides the fact I’ve always loved Asia: climate and cheapness. Okay, and food. Feels far too real to say it out loud but tomorrow I’m leaving to solotravel Southeast Asia for two months. *insert a nervous giggle


So what is my plan? Well, I have two way tickets to Bangkok since it’s the cheapest. I do have a some sort of itinerary that I’ll stick to if things don’t change which they will. But I’m very not sure yet where I’ll go. My first stop is Chiang Mai in northern Thailand but that’s all I know for sure. The thing is, I’m trying to do something very uncharacteristic for me this time: I’ve been trying not to plan too much. You know, just kind of go there and wing it, do how I feel. And trust me, the inner me hates this. For a control-freak person who plans absolutely everything from a busride inside Helsinki to a menu at every dinner party, finds out as much as possible in advance while conducting a thorough research on every place I’ll travel to, this has been extremely difficult. It has caused stress, nerve-wracking anxiety and sleepless (take this literally) nights. Why bother, you ask. Shouldn’t it be fun to go? Yes it is. I’m overly excited and I’ve been waiting for this for years but I take this also as an opportunity to try and get out of my comfort zone, where everything is carefully planned and controlled. It’s like challenging myself, as cliche as it sounds. And oh boy has it been uncomfortable. Also fun though, but mostly very…not me.

What to take and what to leave…

One thing that’s been funny to watch has been people’s reactions when they ask who I’m going with and I just say ”alone this time”. ”WHAT?” ”WHY?” ”You tiny girl?” ”Won’t you get lonely?” Probably yes and no. I hope to meet new people better this way when traveling alone but I also know I’ll be spending lots of time alone. It doesn’t feel like a bad thing though. It’s not supposed to be a ”Eat, Pray, Love / I will go and find myself” and all that type of trip I guess, or call it what you want to, but I do take it as a chance to spend some time with me and also, as I said, as a kind of growing experience. People grow in new environments out of their comfort zones and that’s where I’ll be pushing myself. Am I more nervous going alone? Yes of course. I’ve been terrified at times (including now) but I’ll deal with it. It will all be good eventually. And do try and tell this to my grandma who thinks I’ve lost it completely and who said she ”won’t be sleeping” while I’m gone.

Lilo is having none of this 😀 She senses somethings going on and is not enjoying it

Now I am writing this with my backpack all packed, just missing some final things. There is something very calming knowing that that’s your life for two months, in that 50 liter backpack. I’ve been from pure excitement to absolute panic and from ”I cannot do this I’ll cancel my flights” to ”I’ll be fine”. Now I’m there somewhere in between. Excited? Yes. Terrified? Yes. Panicking? Yes. But over all that I think eventually this will be one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

Fingers crossed,

Julia xxx


P.S. I don’t yet know how much or if at all I’ll be updating my blog from the road. It depends on a) how good the wifi is and b) how much I have time. But you are more than welcome to join on my trip through instagram (@juliaelleonora) which I’ll probably be shamelessly spamming if the wifi only allows and at snapchat (juliaelleonora there as well)

The New York Experience


There are places you wish to go to someday and then there are places you know that you need to go to. New York for me was one of the latter. I feel like I don’t want to write too much about it to not to spoil the whole thing but on the other hand I could spend an entire day just talking about it. I could also list every single place I saw but that wouldn’t really help. Guide books are also going to tell you a bunch of other things: Times Square isn’t nice at all but you should still go there once, go to the Empire State Building in the morning and yes, MoMA is a very nice museum and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is something you should do. Now that I have that over with I can write about why I personally fell in love with the city as much as I did.

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Let’s Be Honest Here


Hi. What have you been doing?

I went to New York. Then I worked, a lot. And worked a little more. Too much. Then I moved. And worked again. And finally went to San Francisco which I just came back from. And now I’ve been procrastinating to write this blogpost for about a month and yesterday did so by baking cookies, not that it’s a bad excuse.

Needless to say, this summer was kind of fucked up but so incredibly cool if I think about the amazing and kind of mind-blowing trips I had which I will write about later. But otherwise, it was way too busy and hectic and stressful and not like summer should be at all. Which brings me to the blog silence.

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How It Feels To Be Free


Guess where I’m sitting right now? Well you won’t. At my maybe favorite cafe in Helsinki (Carusel), sipping on my chai latte (made to oat milk, THE best!) And it feels really really strange. You know why? Because for the past 12 years in this moment I’ve been sitting in school, in lessons, living my ordinary life whose rhythm has been conducted by well, Finnish government. And now I’m not. Did I say it feels strange?

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What New Year Means (Or Doesn’t)


Oh, that magical time of the year when we are supposed to reflect and really think what we did during this period of time called 2015. And then when we have done that we are supposed to make resolutions, promise something, that we will accomplish the next year. But I’m not going to do that, I’ll do something else and maybe you can do it with me.

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Oh my, I don’t remember when I’ve been this tired. Not sleepy tired, studying tired. I couldn’t even come up with a title (if you can help I’m very grateful) and that’s very alarming. Now I feel I know why studying ends in -dying. You know the same way how you feel like after exercising when your muscles are sore I feel like my head is sore. It’s very full. I have my matriculation examination (like finals for those who don’t know) next week on history and English and I’ve been just studying and studying for weeks and I feel like my head is very soon about to explode.

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The Miraculous Significance of Hair


It’s like a book title or something. I think the amount of feelings and thoughts that can be related to one’s hair is something that especially women may understand. For many women hair is something almost holy, something that reflects what’s going on in their lives and how they like to express themselves. Even Coco Chanel said it: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Or if not a whole life, something at least. But if you think that hair is just hair and not a big deal then you might not want to read any further. Just saying 😉

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Delicious sweet potato soup & other things that make me feel good


Hello you beloved soul reading this!

It’s been a little while but I’m back with a super easy and cheap and creamy and perfect soup recipe so if you want to see that, scroll down. Because first I’m going to just share my thoughts a little as always 🙂

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Let the light walk in


It always comes unnoticed until one day you see something. A flower you thought was dead but still rises from the cold ground towards the sun. Kind of admirable, I guess. I wake up early and wonder why and then it hits me that it’s actually quite light now, the sun woke me up. I can hear birds’ voices in my room, they come through our walls. For me who lives in the northern part of this planet, spring is my favorite surprise gift that comes every year.

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