Twists, Turns And Paradises Found In Indonesia


Many things went wrong on the last part of my trip, in Indonesia. Many things also went right and now when I think of Indonesia I see it as a very appropriate ending for my trip, and it somehow tied the journey together.

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My trip to Singapore and Bintan, Indonesia


Feel like going to Singapore? Great, let’s go.

Imagine the weather quite hot and humid, sun shining down on you. You’re wearing your favorite summer clothes and maybe zipping some cold drink. Around you there are people, lots of them, lots of different cultures and ethnicities and languages. When you look up you may see some skyscrapers but if you look around you see also old buildings from the era Singapore was the trading center of the whole Asia. Green color is quite apparent, parks are everywhere and flowers bloom in streets and bridges. You’re most likely hearing the sound of water, whether it’s coming from the Singapore river or from fountains that can be found all around the city. Everything around you is very very clean, it’s hard to spot even one rubbish on the ground, and no wonder, you get a fine if you do throw one. You look around yourself and think that everything looks just so pretty, very tempting and something that eagerly waits to be discovered and unfolded. There you go, you’re in Singapore now.

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