I Graduated!



Wow. I’ve been trying to think of things to say for a while but I just cannot quite get it right. I feel that some days in life are maybe a bit too big, or too unusual should I say, for words. That maybe they aren’t supposed to be talked about but maybe to remembered and lived through. I think I’m going to write a more reflective post about these past three years and what they gave me later this summer but now I just want to say a few words and of course shamelessly post some pictures of well, mostly me 🙂


Many people talk about happiness and how they couldn’t be happier when they graduate and I thought if I should write about that happiness but then I realized that there’s much more to it for me. Of course, I felt some incredible and authentic happiness on Saturday which you can see from some of these photos but I feel like what I am left with is such a mixture of emotions that happiness isn’t the only word to describe it. I felt happy that I made it, proud that I made it so well, grateful for the wonderful people who did it with me, a bit sad to leave some of all that behind, excited about what to do next and a bit confused that it all went so quickly. Most of all I feel empty and don’t get me wrong, that’s the best feeling there is! Because when something’s empty, you can fill it with stuff. Cool, beautiful, new, terrifying, precious and exciting stuff.



IMG_0632IMG_0627IMG_0621IMG_0641IMG_0607IMG_0646IMG_0688IMG_0699IMG_0692IMG_0728IMG_0478IMG_0511 (1)IMG_0460IMG_0466IMG_0450IMG_0458IMG_0504IMG_0519

In the very end I would like to say something to everyone who graduated this spring or accomplished something else great: CONGRATS! I hope that during your journey you learned, failed, smiled, cried, found and lost something and I hope it all took you a step closer to your dreams and what you want to be. So now, be proud because you did it! May the things ahead take you to places you’ve never been and introduce you to people you’ve never met and may it all be something you never expected because plan A’s can often eventually suck so I hope you can embrace all this “new” with open arms! Make plans, change them, change them again or just stick to one! No one can promise anything and nothing is certain except one thing: we’re gonna kill it 😉



Julia xxx

P.S. My make up was done by the amaz

P.S. Wiiiiiiii I’m off to New York today for two weeks!!! Gosh so excited about that city, been waiting for it for years and years! All this preparation for graduation + work took all my time from writing but after the trip there’s gonna be some good NYC stuff here ;)) And there will also be a full-on spam going on on my instagram because come on, New York. Have an amazing summer you all!! <33


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