My Favorite Vegan Curry


Hi there!

January is over halfway through and pleasing us with its freezing temperatures and heaps of snow. I’ve told this before, I’m not a winter person and even though this weather pleases many Finns, I deeply dislike it: I can’t go running as much (my limit is somewhere around -10 celsius and even then I don’t enjoy it), can’t really think of anything else than how to keep warm when picking clothes to wear and often being cold even in our house since it’s a very old one so the cold gets in from the windows. But there is one good thing, it’s an excuse to stay in and cook or bake for example (*baked both cinnamon rolls and brownies last weekend. No regrets.) And besides trying to cope with school on these last official days of my time in high school (one week to go!), that’s mainly what I’ve been up to.


What better dish to eat at times like these than something warm and comforting? Something like this curry that is deeee-licious. I think currys are always nice and so so versatile. I came up with this together with a good friend of mine (kudos to her if she’s reading this ❤ ) and we used tofu instead of sweet potato. And forgot our spinach to the fridge (…) and it worked out fine. My mum dislikes tofu so then when I made this for us I replaced the tofu with sweet potato and it was still so good. You could probably put in anything in here, like mushrooms or broccoli and it’d be work. The photos are of the one with sweet potato since when we made it with tofu it was about 5 pm which in Finland at this time means no light of any kind, basically a night. One other downside of winter, goodbye to good photos…

I also realized that the ingredients are so similar with those of the Sweet Potato Soup I posted here once. It was completely unintentional but I don’t mind 😀 Anyways, I sure hope this lovely, creamy curry will make your cold winter day a little warmer and your day a little brighter 😉


My Favorite Vegan Curry 

for about 4 people (or more if you don’t eat as much as I do 😀 )

sweet potato OR one pack of tofu

3 carrots

a can of chickpeas

spinach (I used one box, frozen works as well)

one onion (shallot, red onion or a normal one all work)

a clove of garlic

a heaped tsp of curry paste (optional)

a heaped tsp of ginger paste (or fresh ginger, roasted and added with the onions)

curry powder

a can of coconut milk



a couple tbsp of coconut oil or olive oil 

First, chop garlic and onion into fine pieces. Peel the sweet potato and carrots and chop into equally sized pieces. Heat up some oil on a large pan (or a pot if you don’t have a large one) and add garlic and onions with about half a teaspoon of curry powder (this way the taste will come out stronger). Keep the heat quite low so that anything doesn’t get brown (be especially careful with the curry) and cook them for a couple of minutes. Add sweet potato (or tofu) and carrots and cook for another few minutes. Then add chickpeas, coconut milk, pastes, rest of the curry powder and salt and pepper (taste and add spices to your liking) and stir. Then add the spinach, it shrinks soooo much when you put it there so you can do this little by little. Then make sure that everything is covered and let cook until the carrots and sweet potato are quite soft, about 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the chunks. Also, the liquid will fade so if all the ingredients aren’t covered, just add little water. The same thing goes if you’ll heat this up again later: I like there to be lots of soup so when I heat it up I add some water.

Serve with rice or for example quinoa or couscous 🙂

I am aware of my obsession to photograph things with flowers. Blame it on my mom who always makes sure we have some :))


Julia xxx


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Paula Brown says:

    This recipe sounds creamy and delicious! I love that you photograph flowers, it’s nice to see those beautiful purple tulips in the middle of winter!🌷🌷🌷


    1. Julia B. says:

      Thank you Paula, it truly is!! ❤ And glad you like the flowers, although it's much thanks to my mom who loves them and always makes sure we have some at home 😀 Makes it a whole lot of easier to take pretty photos 😉


  2. Wonderful! So nice to see a truly clean yet delicious curry!


    1. Julia B. says:

      Thanks Julia!! 🙂 Currys are da best 😉 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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