What New Year Means (Or Doesn’t)


Oh, that magical time of the year when we are supposed to reflect and really think what we did during this period of time called 2015. And then when we have done that we are supposed to make resolutions, promise something, that we will accomplish the next year. But I’m not going to do that, I’ll do something else and maybe you can do it with me.

The cycles in my life aren’t measured in years and I doubt that anyone’s are. When I look back, I see other kinds of cycles, defined by vibes, feelings: times when I was extremely nervous about something, super excited, looking forward to something. Times when I was grieving, having a really hard time and then after that realizing that I had changed. Those sort of periods of life, not some that are distinguished only by a number or two.


Then the resolutions. I used to make them as a kid, but gave that up pretty quickly since I didn’t ever follow them and didn’t see anyone else do that either. And still, it’s the same thing every year: your gym tells you that now, of every other possible time of the year, is the time to go there, your supermarket tells that it’s time to eat kale since obviously your eating habits are extremely bad and you do not look as good as you’re supposed to and then you are of course told to change every ”bad” habit you have during the next year. Basically that you have somehow been a disappointment and that you need to change. You should improve, become a better person, decide that this is going to be your best year ever even though you don’t really have any clue what’s going to happen. Then of course, most people forget their resolutions or fail them and then feel bad. And that’s why I don’t like these resolutions. Because they make us feel bad, like we have failed someone or something and then you definitely don’t have the motivation to change. And it’s unfair since failing is quite human and should cause growing, not the opposite.


To be honest, the whole idea with resolutions is quite weird. When you think about it, it starts from the assumption that the previous year was somehow bad, useless. That you have so much to change, because let’s face it, your previous year was nothing but another year wasted. Like somehow it wasn’t as precious as every other year you have ever had or ever will have. And that’s just bullshit because it’s your life. This is the part where we should really think what great and maybe less great things happened and most of all, be grateful for those and realise that despite there may have been hard times, there sure was something precious and beautiful. Instead of so strongly focusing on the next year and how you’re going to change for better maybe you should stop for a second. Instead of finding things that you dislike about yourself and your life, take a moment and realize what an awesome person you are and think of all those things that are quite right about you. See? You’re quite whole as you are, much more than the world makes you think. And instead of building huge expectations towards the next year, maybe you can look 2016 straight to the eye and say: ”Hey, let’s take it one day at a time and see what you’ve got for me.”


Also, don’t get me wrong, that I would somehow dislike people changing, improving into something better, growing. No! I think that is the most wonderful thing if it makes that person’s life a little bit brighter but I have never seen it happen because of a year changing to another. If you have or have changed yourself because of a new year, then good for you! I have seen it happen in a result of a loss, an unexpected joy, meeting new people, moving to a new place, reaching a goal. Of course, I guess I’m never exactly the same person I was yesterday but that’s the thing, it happens every day. You can change but if you really want to, a new year very likely isn’t the thing that’s going to make you do it, your own motivation is. People can change anytime, but it takes a lot more than just a new year.


My photography isn’t mind-blowing for this post, taken with my iPhone while running here in Helsinki these past few days, but it has been just so pretty. It reminds me of spring which makes me kind of happy. But there’s one common factor in most of these pictures: the sun, light. And if I get to wish something, I wish from the bottom of my heart, that your year, no, the times ahead, will be filled with light and that it will lit you up like a candle.


Now, I cannot say this is going to be the best year ever or that it will be ”your” year since every year is your year and every day is your day. No matter what, they all are meaningful in some way. So now, instead of wishing you a happy new year, please raise your invisible (or real, how do I know) glasses (*insert a sound of me clearing my throat):  “It will hopefully be great, surprising, little bumpy and probably also bad, but nevertheless, there sure will be some hell of a good times! Cheers bitches!” 😉


Follow that light,

Julia xxx


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