Raw Gingerbread Dough Balls


Okay, brace yourselves for another gingerbread recipe!

Let’s face the facts: the dough is always better than the actual product, especially when gingerbread is concerned. Eating the dough and trying to actually bake at the same time has been like one of my Christmas highlights since uhmmm, forever. But, it has some downsides though. The dough isn’t exactly nutritious and eventually can make your stomach hurt. Not that those things actually matter since you do it only every December a couple (or more?) times and I can personally say it’s worth it. However, if you’d like to turn your fave Christmas treat (I’d day guilty pleasure but it’s not guilty, do not feel shame, it’s Christmas!) into a more nutritious and healthy treat being at the same time SUPER DELICIOUS and actually tastes like gingerbread, here you go. Needless to say, these vanished from our fridge  extremely fast. If you don’t eat them all yourself, these would also make a very nice gift! Put some into a glass jar and give them to someone in need of a treat. Or just eat them yourself. No shame 😉


Raw Vegan Gingerbread Balls

about 14 balls

0.5 cups pecan nuts

0.5 cups cashews

8 fresh dates

1 tbs of coconut sugar

1 tbsp of agave (or water, these are quite sweet anyway)

1.5 tsp cinnamon

1.5 tsp ground clove

1 tsp ground ginger

0,5 tsp vanilla extract

To coat them (optional)


shredded coconut

or for example chia seeds, crushed almonds etc.

Instructions: I like to crush the nuts first with my blender because mine works easier that way. But anyways, first take a blender or a food processor and put all ingredients in. You can also add more of the spies if you prefer, I recommend tasting it at this point. Blend until smooth but not too long so that the oil won’t start to separate from the nuts. Be patient and make sure that the mixture is evenly smooth. If you like there to be chunks, it works as well, the balls just probably aren’t that round then.

With a spoon or with your hands, take a preferable amount of the dough and form balls. If you want to, coat them with toppings of your choice. Put into a fridge and let settle for a while. Enjoy and feel Christmassy!!




Julia xxx


P.S. So I visited Vienna last weekend to explore the city and see the wonderful Christmas market! I have loads of Christmassy photos etc. and I’ll make a post about it asap before Christmas :))



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