Gingerbread Porridge


I honestly cannot name one person who wouldn’t like gingerbread. Seriously. I don’t know what it is that makes it (especially the DOUGH!) so irresistible. I guess someone in some magical place, heaven maybe, came up with that spice combo: ginger, cinnamon and clove, and thought that hey, I should make some biscuit sort of things with these! I wish I’d know who that person is so I could celebrate and praise her/him every Christmas since I’m not that religious.


Now when it’s almost the first of December I think we can at least say that Christmas is quite close. I have a couple of other gingerbread recipes on my mind that I’ll try and post soon but I’ll try to come up with something else besides gingerbread related as well. And hope that all Christmas tasks don’t make me too busy to write!


Anyway, starting off Christmas cooking with this gingerbread porridge! I tried this for the first time last Christmas and fell in love ❤ Today after my morning yoga (a terrible and painful idea when waking up at 7.30 – then after, at 10 am the best idea ever and what feels like your biggest accomplishment in life) I made it again and perfected it with this delicious cardamom-date syrup! It’s basically plain porridge or oatmeal but it tastes like gingerbread and is sweet and caramel-ish! And you can easily adapt this to rice porridge (love it eternally) as well. I’ll probably start my rice porridge season a bit later in December. I usually hate when people start all Christmas fuzz too early, I mean it’s like my favorite holiday but I got to save something!



Gingerbread Porridge

for one

1 dl of rolled oats or 4-grain porridge

2 dl water (basically just how you’d measure your regular porridge/oatmeal)

0,5 tsp cinnamon

0,5 tsp ground clove

0,5 tsp ground ginger (all these amounts are average, depending on how spicy you like it to be)

The syrup:

3 fresh dates

0,5 tsp cardamom 

0,5 tbsp maple syrup (or agave or honey)


On top:

banana coins



or ANYTHING you like (peanut butter!!!) 🙂

Boil the water. Before adding your rolled oats or 4-grain flakes, measure the spices and mix them with the flakes. Then pour them into the water and let cook.

To do the syrup: But the dates, maple syrup and cardamom into a cup or something where it’s easy to smash them with a fork. So, smash with a fork or use a blender until it’s quite smooth. Add water little by little so that you get your preferred consistency, I like mine to be quite soft and caramel-like so I put probably almost one tbsp of water but it’s up to you really.

Then top with the syrup and other toppings and drizzle some cinnamon on top! Enjoy!



Julia xxx



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