Quinoa-Honeydew Salad


So, as promised to share some more recipes I’ve been trying out lately, I finally polished this recipe a little and its now ready-ish, I mean this is the sort of dish that you can be quite free with. That’s why the amounts are veery average and can be changed depending how you like them. I first tried this to that housewarming party a while ago and it worked very well as a fresh side dish. It’s vegan, super quick and easy to make and also makes for a perfect lunch to-go!

As a side dish on that party 🙂

This combo may sound surprising since people usually think honeydew as a sweet, dessert kind of food. But I think people should use more fruits in their salads and other dishes, they really add a nice twist. There are so many different melons and even as a hardcore melon-fan I cannot always tell the difference between some species. But here, any melon expect watermelon (it might be a bit too soft and juicy though it’s otherwise wonderful 😉 ) should work fine. Also, any fresh herbs would be perfect! Oh how that made me miss summer and growing our own herbs! I’m the furthest that you can get from a winter person so the thought of summer is the only thing, besides Christmas (!!!), that keeps me going during winter. Lets just say that this Finnish winter could be a bit less grey and windy and rainy and cold. Or moreover, we could just fast forward to spring. Thanks, bye-eeee!


Quinoa-Honeydew Salad

two big portions or three small

1,5 dl of quinoa (so about 0,6 cups)

half of a vegetable bouillon cube (or season as you like)

quarter of  a honeydew melon (or as much as you please)

fresh spinach (again, as much as you please)

fresh herbs (I used coriander)

*if you’re not vegan, feta cheese works very very nicely with this one 

The dressing:

juice of a half small lemon

2 tbsp of olive oil



Prepare the quinoa following directions found in the package, but into the boiling water, put half of a vegetable bouillon cube or when it’s ready, season as you please. Let the quinoa cool down properly.

Peel and chop the honeydew into preferred sized pieces. Make the dressing by adding the oil slowly to the lemon juice while continuously and quickly stirring the juice. This way you are trying to prevent them from separating. Then add some salt and pepper.

Into your cooled quinoa, add the dressing, honeydew and spinach leaves and mix carefully. Drizzle on top the herbs (and feta cheese if you like) In my opinion it can be a bit messy and and the spinach leaves etc. can be a little all over the place since I think it’s nice that way. But if you want it to be more aesthetic (could be hard if the quinoa is sticky) just chop all green things into smaller pieces 😀



Julia xxx




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