Oh August


August always hurts the most. For me there’s something very sad and bittersweet in it, it’s not completely summer anymore but it’s not fall either. Like it couldn’t decide what it wants to do.



I think there’s so much goodbye in it. And I feel everyone’s trying to take all they can from it, trying to breath in that final moment of warmth and light.



But at least it can be very beautiful. In the middle of  all this exhausting studying for finals, I’ve kept some routines and done my evening walks in my new neighborhood. Or it’s not new since I was born here, I’ve just been away for a looong time. And most of these pictures are taken during my walks over the past few weeks I’ve lived here.




And if I’ve missed something from Helsinki and these streets, it’s the sea and the fact that it’s 10 minutes walk away. Sea makes me calmer, somehow. And you know what’s the best thing? I think it looks different every evening.




I hope someday I’ll learn to see the whole beauty in August and it’s goodbyes. I feel like now I see a glimpse of it but not the whole thing. Maybe I just know I’ll miss the light so terribly much. But I guess you can see light in so many other things as well if you look close enough.




Someone’s playing the tube with their windows open and the sound echoes from stone walls to the street. It sounds so sweet and jazzy. Sun is shining, although it’s not that bright anymore.  It’s leaving but it will come back. I smile. Some goodbyes are temporary.



Julia xxx


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Paula Brown says:

    Julia, this is so poetic and beautifully expressed. I can relate so much to this, also living in the Northern hemisphere.🌄


    1. Julia B. says:

      Thank you so much, Paula ❤ As much as I love writing travel stories etc. more creative writing and poems (and mixing those) have always been very close to my heart and it's sort of how I started writing when I was younger 🙂 And hey, we'll get through this winter!! 😀


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