Life on the fast lane

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Huh. Busy times. I was in London for four days as a sort of a birthday present from my family and it was oh so nice. London is love. It is one of those cities that every time I go there I like it even more than the last time. It was a surprise trip, I got to know about it like a week in advance, so I had not mentally prepared for it, but I think sometimes those no-planning- trips are the best ones. I’ll write a whole big post about London but that’s not going to happen now because now I’m leaving to Israel for two weeks.

This Israel trip instead is something we (me and my friend) have been planning for, hmmm, let’s say 7 years? One of my closest, oldest friends, Sandra, is half Israeli, so she has always visited Israel every now and then to see her relatives etc. and we have always been talking, half joking, that “you know, some day I’ll come with you and we’ll go together.” Last winter when Sandra said that she’s been thinking about going to Israel this summer, we were like hey, what if I come with? I talked with my mom as I always do before any big decisions and she thought it was a nice idea so I said to Sandra that “you know, I’m coming with.” It has felt so surreal in a way these past few months, you know when something that you have thought and talked about for YEARS actually turns into reality. I’m leaving in a few hours and it still doesn’t completely feel like it’s happening. But I’m so excited, and I’ll be even more when it completely sinks in 🙂

And, on top of all this, I’m moving from my old home immediately when I come back, or actually we’ve been slowly moving for months but the final moving is happening when I come back. And moving a whole big house and everything that’s in it can be very time-taking and slow.

So needless to say, this whole holiday hasn’ t felt like a normal holiday, more like a rollercoaster, a super busy one. Things are happening so fast that I don’t really have time to think, I just go on this flow like a fish or something. It’s very exhausting but it has some major good sides as well. I love traveling so much that I feel like I can never travel enough so I’m more than ready to leave, even though I have been home less than 48 hours after London… Things and places are happening and now I just need to hold on and enjoy every second of it while I’m on this, fast lane you could call it?

I’ve also found that on hectic and busy times it’s good to have some nice old routines. Like making smoothies! I made one today and it became super good so here’s the recipe for you 🙂 I slight change of topic here 😀


Blueberry-peach smoothie 

for one 

one peach

a cup of blueberries

a cup of mango chunks (I used frozen)

2 fresh dates

2 tbls of some yoghurt (soy, almond etc. if vegan)

Then blend them in a blender or food processor and decorate if you feel like being fancy 😉

We both were having our breakfasts


And please, people, enjoy summer! Especially in Finland since it’s far too short here.  Or if it’s not summer where you live then just enjoy life 🙂 Enjoy and laugh and swim and eat ice cream and get some sun! I’ll write two big posts about both London and Israel when I come back, but until then, enjoy life, whether you’re super busy or super relaxed! Because both are good and summer is good so breath it in while it lasts. I really need to do my final packing now.


Julia xxx


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  1. Paula Brown says:

    Wowee!!! So glad for all your travels! You said it, just hold on and ENJOY!😄 I will look forward to your posts when you get back. Thank you for this recipe–it’s blueberry season now!!! Yay! Safe and awesome travels, Julia.😊🛄💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Julia B. says:

      Thank you Paula so much! 🙂 I’m now in Israel and having a great time. Hope your summer is going well ❤


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