The Miraculous Significance of Hair


It’s like a book title or something. I think the amount of feelings and thoughts that can be related to one’s hair is something that especially women may understand. For many women hair is something almost holy, something that reflects what’s going on in their lives and how they like to express themselves. Even Coco Chanel said it: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Or if not a whole life, something at least. But if you think that hair is just hair and not a big deal then you might not want to read any further. Just saying 😉

I speak on behalf of many when I say that hair is a huge part of my identity. I had had long hair for soooo long and I felt like it was a very strong part of me. And I’ve loved having long hair, it was just very me if you understand what I mean. But despite all that, I think change is essential sometimes.  One of my friends once said that “when Julia cuts her hair off then the world has really turned upside down.” And I feel like that’s what has happened in my life lately, many changes, good and bad, and I just thought that if I don’t do this now I never will.

This is how my hair had been for quite a long time, even a bit longer when it's straight.
This is how my hair had been for quite a long time, even a bit longer when it’s straight.

I had thought of chopping it off every once in a while for over a year. But then I had always thought that no no no, I wouldn’t dare, I’d just miss it afterwards. But a week ago, in the middle of reading a book, out of nowhere, a thought came to my head. “It needs to go. Now.” A WhatsApp message to my sister, what she thinks. “YEAH go for it”, she said. Okay, if tomorrow morning I still think it’s a good idea, I’ll call my hairdresser. And the next morning I thought that hey, you really only do live once (sorry for that yolo moment there) and in the end it’s only hair, it’ll grow back. Then a quick call to my hairdresser who I absolutely love and who knows me and my hair very well. And then two days later I was practically shaking out of nervousness in my hairdresser’s chair. First I didn’t want to look, I just kept peeking through my fingers how it looked. And it looked good to me, even though I was still terrified. It hurt but it also felt so so good. Looking how the hair kept falling to the floor and somehow seeing all past things, good and bad, dropping to the floor with them. This may sound very over dramatized to some of you  but for me this was a huge change because I have always been super attached to my hair and it has been such a big part of me.

And there laid the old me ;)
And there laid the old me, or the most of it anyway 😉

Walking off from the hairdresser I must have looked like such an idiot. I was giggling like a little girl and shaking my head so that I could feel how nothing touched my shoulders. I was smiling like I was in a teeth commercial to everyone who walked past me. So yeah, that odd, cheerful, a bit drunk-looking girl in central Helsinki last Thursday was me 😉 Also, I didn’t tell about this to any of my friends because I thought that half of the fun will be seeing their reactions. And their reactions and facial expressions have just been epic, haha.









And even now after a few days I don’t have any regrets. I’ll probably sometimes miss it and grow it back someday but for now, this is exactly what I needed. Oh that heavenly feeling when I went to wash my hair for the first time. It was so quick! And it dried so fast as well! Is this how all you short hair people have always felt? And there’s much less hair everywhere now, like in my floor and bed and clothes etc. And I just love the feeling of having nothing touch my shoulders and back. My head is so much lighter.

I feel like a brand new person.



Julia xxx

P.S. Oh I almost forgot. Thank you to my sister who took these photos and so patiently managed to listen to my should-I-or-should-I-not- talk for so long 🙂


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  1. Paula Brown says:

    I so understand this! Even though I have short hair now, I also had long hair growing up.(I wish I could show you a picture)😆 You look great and I love these photos! Our attachment to hair and self image is very real and always reminds me of the song by India.arie called, “I am not my hair”. Enjoy your change, Julia! 😊

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