Springlike strawberry-raspberry-coconut raw cake


The thing that’s one of the most precious for me in the world is light. Sun. And the amount of it is bigger and bigger every day and today the sun very gracefully decided to shine here on Finland as well so I woke up the best way possible, to the sunshine. I did a morning yoga in the sunshine which made the yoga session even warmer, I literally looked like a sweating tomato after it. Then a good, big breakfast. Life is quite good, I thought.


And the feeling of having time, it just gets you so energized and creative. I have an exam week now and those really are my favorite times of the school year after holidays of course. I just go and do the exam in the morning and then I have the rest of the day all to myself to study and then do something else than studying, like very often baking or creating new recipes. Or just Netflix, obviously. This exam week I have TWO free days combined with a weekend so I thought that hey, this is like a mini holiday, let’s make a cake!

Coconut, was my first thought. Strawberry, was the second. Something pink, I thought. So it became a coconut-raspberry-strawberry raw cake.


Not a complicated cake at all, at least in my opinion. No superfoods or other fancy stuff required and many of these ingredients are totally replaceable.  If you have fresh berries, awesome, use them. Strawberries we have picked last summer and then stored them in the freezer as a purée/sauce because it’s easier that way but whole strawberries are just as great. Rasberries were bought frozen from a supermarket so really anything goes.


Oh and this was also my first time trying Vegegel, I don’t know if it’s called the same outside Finland as well but basically it’s a plant based substitute for gelatine. I wanted to try it out since I’m not the biggest fan of coconut oil although I love almost everything else that’s coconut. Anyways, it worked out quite okay but still if you use coconut oil that works at least as well as this one, probably better with keeping it together. It didn’t seem to harden in the fridge so eventually I put it into the freezer as I usually do with my raw cakes if I don’t use that much coconut oil and that was a very good choice.

Then I just took it out from the freezer like half an hour before eating so it melted a little but was still nice and fresh. My friend came over and when she tasted it she said that the texture was a bit like sorbet and it’s really a perfect description. And the Vegegel+the quick freezing kept it together very well but I still keep it in the freezer when I don’t eat it. Okay, now I should stop talking and give the recipe. Enjoy! 🙂

Strawberry-rasberry-coconut raw cake

The base: 

1 cup of nuts (I used walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews and almonds)

9 fresh dates

2 tbls of shredded coconut

1 tbl of agave syrup (or honey)

The filling:

2 fresh dates

1 cup of raspberries

0,5 cup of mashed strawberries (if whole strawberries, then probably 1 cup)

0,5 cup of coconut milk (I used the light version but the  normal one is just as fine)

2 tbls of shredded coconut

1 ripe banana                                             

2 tbls of agave syrup

half an avocado

a bit of vanilla (bean or extract)                       

1 bag of Vegetal OR coconut oil works as well           

First do the base by putting all the base ingredients into a blender or a  food processor. Blend until smooth, the smoother the better (try to be more patient than I am…) Then take a cake tin and cover the bottom with greaseproof paper. Then spread the dough evenly into the cake tin and if you want and if you have enough dough to the sides as well. Then put into the fridge to cool down.

…and it should look something like this!

Then the filling. But all the ingredients into a blender again and blend it until it’s smooth. I suggest you taste it before you apply it into the tin so that if there’s anything you like to change, just add it to the blender. Then take out your cake tin and add the filling evenly on top. Decorate if you want to and put into a fridge (if you use coconut oil) or freezer if you want to speed things up 😉 



Julia xxx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Paula Brown says:

    Hi Julia, I love your comments on light and how positively you greet the day! This cake sound so “berry fresh”😋 and delicious! Perfect for spring.🌷 I wonder if I could make smaller ones in ramekins? Hmmm…? I don’t know if you read much fiction, but your comments on light made me think to mention the author Kate Dicamillo to you. She writes for young folks, but she is still one of my favorite authors. Enjoy your day and keep up tour own great writing here! 👌


    1. Julia B. says:

      Thank you Paula!! ❤ And YES, absolutely you can do these in ramekins, that's actually a very good idea, I think I'm going to steal that for the next time 😉 And thank you so much for the author recommendation! I do read fiction and love books so I'm always on the lookout for new authors and book tips 🙂 I already checked her out and I noticed we have some of her books in my library here so I'll definitely take a closer look next time I go there 🙂 Thanks again dear, have a happy day!


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