Mango treat with heavenly blueberry-date jam


Hi you all!

So I was thinking what my first food post should be about and I thought I want it to be something simple and super easy and quick. Not any compilicated raw cake recipe or a superfood-loaded smoothie, not just yet 🙂 So I came up with this mango treat with a special ingredient, my very own blueberry-date jam (or sauce)! This is such a great breakfast idea and also ideal fo just snacking or even for a dessert, this really is like my definition of candy.


You don’t need much for this treat. Mango of course can as well be fresh, but I usually buy it frozen. I also live in Finland, so well, we don’t really have an abundance of fresh mangos here ; ) But frozen mango is one of my favorite treats, if I watch a movie or tv I often snack some of that. I just love how it tastes and feels to bite 🙂 Maybe it’s because I live in Finland where things are frozen a lot during winter but I just love frozen fruits 🙂


Another essential for this yummyness is blueberries. I’m lucky to have our family’s summer cottage by this beautiful lake and it’s surrounded by forests where we always pick blueberries in the summer and then store LOADS of them into our freezer. It’s so lovely, we do that with our own apples and  strawberries also, it’s like having a piece of summer and a blue sky in your freezer. Frozen berries are also good because when they melt some of the juice comes out of them and for the jam/sauce it’s good to have some liquid to make it more runny. If you have fresh blueberries that’s awesome, as long as they are yummy and juicy you’re all good.


I love this blueberry date sauce and it’s SO versatile! I think blueberries and mango is just a match made in heaven but you can put it to so many other foods as well. Oatmeal or porridge, smoothie, yoghurt, rawcake, you name it! That’s why I usually do a bit bigger amount so that I put some of it to the fridge and then can enjoy it with my breakfast. This morning I woke up and my first thought was, YEAAAAH I still have that jam to put to my yoghurt! This makes my day sound so boring otherwise, but hey, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so don’t judge 😉 Oh and I’m (not surprisingly) off the topic…


Anyways, this recipe is very adjustable, you can really top the mangos with anything you like, chia seeds, nuts, cacao nibs… This is just my absolute favorite and always takes me back to summer even though it’s cold and dark winter here. So here’s the recipe, really more like a list of delicious things to put into your jar 🙂 Easy but SO GOOD, enjoy! Oh, and also please tell me what you think if you try this out! ❤

Recipe for two:

200 g of mango (if frozen, let it melt for about ten minutes)

2 tbls of shredded coconut

+ any toppings of your choice

The blueberry-date jam:

6-7 pitted, soft dates (partly fresh ones are best)

2 tsp of agave syrup (or honey)

2 tbls of blueberries (if melted use the juice as well!)

a couple drops of vanilla extract (or some seeds from a vanilla bean)

First, chop your mango if it’s a whole one and if it’s frozen, take it out to melt a little. Then for the sauce, you can either use a blender or food processor or just do it the old-fashioned way with a fork. Combine all the ingredients of the jam and blend them or mash together until it’s quite smooth, I like there to be some little bites but that’s up to you. Also if you want it to be more runny, more like sauce than a jam, just add a bit of water and test again. Also if you like it to taste more like blueberries, just add some! Then put the mango to jars or glasses and top with the sauce. Finally sprinkle some shredded coconut on that lovely, colorful jar of deliciousness ❤ Then sit back and enjoy and think of summer and the sun and all your lovely memories! Or if you’re in a place where it’s now summer, well enjoy as well, but know that I’m jealous.



Julia  xxx

P.S. I wanted to thank you all here as well for the wonderful feedback I got about this blog 🙂 HUUUGE thanks to everyone who took the time to read my post and check this out and even leave me some amazing comments, all this really means the world!! 🙂 If you’re here for the first time, a warm welcome and thanks for coming to you as well! 🙂 Hope to see you again soon, lots of love for you all ❤


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Paula Brown says:

    Lovely post! I can try this for sure! Never thought of frozen mango…but I have plenty of frozen blueberries we get from a Rassie Farm in summer and they are in nice heavy freezer bags ready to freeze. 🙂


    1. Julia B. says:

      Thank you Paula!!! ❤ Please do try it and tell me what you think. And oh yeah, I love frozen blueberries too and yours sound delicious 🙂


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