First, thank you so much you gorgeous person somewhere there behind some screen, who decided to sacrifice a few minutes of your day and to take a look at this new little thing of mine that I’ve been working on for a while. I’m so happy that you did and I hope you’ll return here soon when I’m actually going to start posting some actual things 🙂 Not that this first one wouldn’t be great though 😉


A blog. First of all I LOVE writing so this has been on my mind for a loooong time and I’ve played with the idea so often but just haven’t done anything about it. But now the time seemed right and I have so many great ideas piled up in my head and I’d really love to share them. So what is this blog going to be about then? To say briefly, about the things I love. So like a mixture of food and traveling and other wonderful things.

So first food and recipes. I’m a huge foodie and spending time in the kitchen creating new things is really one of my favorite things to do. The main reason I thought a blog would be a good idea was that I would like to share some the foods I make that turn out great and people sometimes ask me about a recipe on something I post on Instagram etc. and this is an easier way to share it. And this is going to be SUPER useful for me because I rarely measure anything and then don’t remember the recipes afterwards… So I guess this will be also my some kind of cookbook.


If you’re a fellow foodie you may think what sort of food. I don’t like to label people or their diets, personally I eat lots of veggies and fruits and plant based foods overall but I’m not vegan. I eat fish regularly and rarely chicken, red meat I haven’t eaten for years. Maybe someday I’ll become vegan but I just personally don’t like rules or labels, I’m just trying to eat so that I know where my food comes from and what’s in it. So as clean as possible and just eat in the way that makes me feel good and very very often it’s plant based foods that make me feel that way. SoI like to call the recipes that are going to be up here feel good-food, food that 1. has a purpose and a good effect on your body and your mind, food that your body can really use at its best and 2. that TASTES DELICIOUS. Those two are equally important to me. I’m sure I will do a separate post about food and different diets and food trends because I have many opinions on them but that’s later, I’ll stop before I get too excited 🙂


Then, probably the most important thing to me, travelling. I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to travel a lot already and all these trips have had a huge effect on me and have evolved me so much as a person; I really wouldn’t be the same girl without them. So I’ll write about my trips, this spring I’m going to Singapore (in on week!!!) and Beijing and I’d love to share my experiences and pictures from there here. And I’ll probably write some posts about my previous trips and favourite places as well also because just looking at some old pics from those trips makes me so happy.

And I think I’m also going to write about just my thoughts on life and different trends and things in general if I have something to say about them. I am a person who tends to have many opinions and think (and talk) a lot, and I mean A LOT. If you’d ask me to analyze a shape of an avocado I’d probably find some deep, life-changing meaning from that as well. I’m the WORST company to watch films with, I just keep thinking and analyzing the film, out loud, as my friends know so well… So sharing my thoughts would probably do good to me as well (and share my friends a little bit) and maybe my thoughts will make you think and hopefully they’ll make you think more positively, that would be awesome.

I’m so happy to start this blog and I hope that you’ll come back here soon. Because I think the purpose of this blog is just to spread positivity and good feeling, about life, food and yourself. I hope that maybe I’ll inspire you just a tiny bit and maybe make your day a little brighter.


I hope I’ll see you again very soon 🙂


Julia xxx


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  1. AJ says:

    Hi Julia! I really like your blog, it looks great!

    I was wondering why you are traveling to Singapore and Beijing? How amazing! I went to Haiti a while back for a humanitarian trip after the big earthquake happened there.

    Well anyways, have a good week and a fun trip!

    Hope to hear back,



    1. Julia B. says:

      Hi! Thank you so much, so glad you like it! 🙂 To Singapore I’m traveling with my family, just for a vacation. To Beijing on the other hand I’m traveling because our high school has a friend school (I don’t know if it’s that in english 🙂 there so me and this little group from my school are going to visit it this spring. Some pupils from there were here last fall. Your Haiti trip sounds so interesting, it must have been an amazing trip.
      You too have a great week!


  2. Paula Brown says:

    Julia, I love this!!! I’m especially excited for your being able to share your travels (and maybe new foods you find) so exciting! I will look forward to recipes too, but I totally understand about not writing things down.😄 So funny too, I thought I was the worst person to watch films (even TV shows) with! I do the same thing!😉


    1. Julia B. says:

      Paula thank you so so so much!! 🙂 ❤ And believe me, you're not the only one with the films thing… I just cannot help sharing my thoughts and opinions even though everyone else may get annoyed… 😀 So glad you liked this, means the world to me really. I'm excited as well to share my travels, I like to think that maybe it's then a bit like giving a chance to the reader to "travel" there as well 🙂 Much love to you ❤


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